Miramar runs trips and other events. Upcoming events are shown on the calendar, below.

How to sign up for winter trips

  • Use the "sign up" link to the left of the trip date.
  • If you need vegetarian or no red meat meals, you must specify that on the signup form.
  • Members have signup priority until 10 days before the trip.

How to sign up for social events and spring/summer/fall trips

  • If the event doesn't have a "sign up" link, click the event name for more details.
  • Also see the schedule of work weekends

Please read our cancellation policy and winter trip prices. For more information about our trips, including what's included and where to catch the bus, click the Trips link at the top of this page.

Our Huntley program subsidizes downhill ski lessons. Novices are eligible on all Miramar trips. Skiers at any level are eligible on selected trips. Click for more details.

Jul 12Fire Island walking tour
Jul 18Cemetery Appreciation ride
sign upAug 14-16Work weekend
sign up Sept 4-7 Labor Day weekend
sign up Oct 9-12 Columbus Day weekend
sign up Oct 23-25 Work weekend
TBD Thanksgiving
Feb 26, 2016Cortina, Italy
Jul 12-15, 2016Rafting, Colorado River

Note: If you want to receive our event announcements by e-mail, send your e-mail address, name (first and last), and address to: Info@Miramar.org